Back online – How to Order a Class

[Updated 11/20/2020]

Hello everyone! We’re back online. Our online students were e-mailed access instructions to their online course on November 12th. If you did not receive them, please contact us immediately.

We have a brand new storefront at You can order your class a our new store at:

Be sure to create an account under LOGIN/SHOP or you won’t be able to place an order for the course.

The Back Story

On November 9th we performed an upgrade and ran into major problems getting it completed with our provider Frontiernet. So we said the hell with it and moved all of our domains to GoDaddy for hosting. I’d recommend any business account that self hosts their own web, mail, DNS, and other servers to do the same. Frontier does not have any dedicated technical support staff who understand networking or why sub-delegation of reassigned IP addresses is   critical. Without it, domain names like lack an address to be found at. After three days and over 12 hours on the phone with Frontier, we said ENOUGH!  So we moved our domains to our registrar and now host them through GoDaddy.  A happy ending to a week long  trauma.

Thanks for your patience during that time and we do apologize for the downtime and any inconvenience it caused you.
Gary & Sue Shade

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  1. I never received the access information. Can you give me instructions on how to log in and complete my course.

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