Defensive Shooting 101, 201, and 301 Skills Courses
$150 each
Range Only – 250 rounds per course
Limit: 10 students per class
Each of these courses are one-half day in duration

Defensive Shooting 101, 201, and 301 are designed to give you the skills needed to survive a violent encounter. These classes will teach you the technical skills such as drawing and reholstering, how to move and shoot and hit your target. How to reload under stress and why tactical reloads may save your life.

We spend the afternoon is on the range where you will be introduced to practice drills to hone your defensive shooting skills. You will need to supply your own ammunition (approx. 250 rounds). You will be tested under timed shooting drills designed to increase your proficiency under stress. Each course builds on the last and the last course acts as a prerequisite for the next.

NOTE: These classes are open to current permit holders only. You must show a valid carry permit on the day of the class.
Here are some photos from our May 2008 class

Take your training to the next level with Defensive Shooting 101.
Our defensive handgun course is held at our facilities about an hour north of the Twin Cities.

Course: DS 101 (Core fundamentals: Grip, stance, sight alignment, trigger control, load/reload, drawing form holster, drawing from concealment, rapid / accurate fire)
REQUIRED: See below

Course: DS 201 (Review of DS 101, clearing malfunctions and drills, positions, one-handed shooting, movement, barricades/cover, single handed gun manipulation, extreme close quarter shooting, long range accuracy)
REQUIRED: Successful completion of DS 101

Course: DS 301 (Tactics, Review of DS 101 and 201, House clearing, conflict avoidance, aiming, multiple attackers, quick draw, vehicle draw, doorways, handgun retention more barricades and cover).
REQUIRED: Successful completion of DS 101 & 201

Prerequisite: Fees are prepaid and non-refundable.

Required on the day of the course:

  • Strong Side Holster that fully covers the trigger guard of your firearm
  • Service revolver or pistol suitable for self defense
    • No firearm chambered for less than .380, no .50 caliber handguns, no single action revolvers
  • Three magazines of 10 round minimum or six revolver speed loaders if using a revolver
  • Good gun belt (see Galco’s web site or
  • Suitable clothing for open carry and a top garment for concealed draw
    • Dress for the weather – this class is held come rain or shine!
  • Safety glasses and hearing protection

Call 952-891-1537 or check our schedule and register online for a class.