Take your class – Online – Minnesota Carry Course

Take your class – Online – Minnesota Carry Course – MN Permit to Carry & Renewals – Range: In Prior Lake MN

Take your class - Online - Minnesota Carry Course - MN Permit to Carry & Renewals - Range: In Prior Lake MN
Our Online Minnesota Carry & Renewal Hybrid Firearm course is designed to give you the classroom experience online! ~ We realize time is at a premium today and that’s why we’ve modularized our Minnesota permit training. You can now choose HOW you get our BCA approved content by attending a classroom course, or by taking our new course which is online followed by an in-person range qualification exercise (we call it a Hybrid Carry Course). Shooting qualifications for this course are held at the Horse and Hunt Club in Prior Lake MN.

Price: $85.00

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  1. Can I get a carry and conceal without owning a gun yet? If so, do you offer guns to use during your trainings? Thanks

  2. What does the shooting portion consist of?. Last time I did this I think I only had to get 10 shots in the target area. I looked at another class and it said you shot 50 rounds at 5 7 and 15 yards and had to get 80%
    What are the rules with your class

    1. You will shoot 7 out of 10 on an 8″ plate at approx. 21 feet. You can not use a .50 caliber, the Judge, or a .32 or .25 caliber handgun. .22 target pistols are fine or best is to use your center-fire carry gun. Pre-load you magazines, NOT THE FIREARM. You will load and unload your firearm only at the firing line when commanded to do so. Adhere to the four rules of safety at all times (if you don’t know them you will learn them in class), DO NOT point the gun at your RSO (me), yourself or anyone else. ANY unsafe gun handling issue is reason for you to fail the class.

      When done shooting you show me your weapon is clear, and walk back to the ready tables with your firearm pointed at the ground (applies to the outdoor range we shoot at). Call us at 952-891-1537 should have any further questions about the shooting qualification exercise. You must come ready to show us you know how to shoot a firearm. If you need remedial work on the fundamentals of shooting and safety we do provide private one on one lessons for a reasonable fee.

  3. Yes – Minnesota law states that for new or renewals, you take a class on Safety, The Legal Use of Deadly Force, and the Laws AND complete a shooting qualification exercise.Our online course or any in person course we offer meets the definition of the law. There is no special “renewal” class. It’s one class for either one.

  4. Gary,
    If I sign up for the online renewal course, are you still running the in-person range qualifications at the Horse and Gun Club in Prior Lake?

    1. Our training is recognized by Florida and other states also. With your Minnesota permit alone you can carry in multiple states. 30 at last count.

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